JAXA-NASA Collaborative X-ray Observatories


Astro-H is the latest satellite in the collaboration between NASA and the Japanese. It is currently targeted to launch in 2014, and the project scientists and engineers are working hard to make this satellite a reality.

The Astro-H Collaboration
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Astro-H Science
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Suzaku has been actively taking data since its launch in 2005. It is a re-flight of the failed Astro-E satellite – showing that the collaboration can survive both success and failure.

The Suzaku Collaboration
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ASCA was launched in 1993 and made over 3000 observations of the X-ray sky in its 8 years of operations.

The ASCA Collaboration
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Ginga was the first X-ray astronomy collaboration between agencies in the U.S. and the Japanese space agency, which forged the way for future collaborations with NASA. It operated from 1987 until 1991.

The Ginga Collaboration
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Ginga Science
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