What do astronomers study in X-rays? Why bother studying X-rays? What can X-rays tell astronomers that they can’t learn in other wavelengths? What are X-rays anyway?

These science pages cover the most basic concept of what is an X-ray and what is X-ray astronomy, then build to introduce some of the cool objects that astronomers study in X-ray astronomy. If you’re new to X-rays and X-ray astronomy, start with the About X-ray Astronomy and About Spectroscopy pages. If you’d rather just learn what astronomers study in X-rays, go straight to X-ray Emitting Astronomical Objects.

About X-ray Astronomy
Learn all about the Electromagnetic Spectrum and what multiwavelength, and more specifically X-ray, astronomy can teach us about the Universe.
About Spectroscopy
Find out how spectra can help us to learn about astronomical objects, how these objects produce light, what they are made of, and about their motion.
X-ray Emitting Astronomical Objects
Learn about some of the different objects in the Universe that emit X-rays, from stars to black holes to clusters of galaxies.