Zoom in on a black hole

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This video clip begins with a scene of a cluster of galaxies. We zoom in to a particular spiral galaxy, and to its center. We come upon a black hole, surrounded by an outermost thin disk of gas, and a thick torus closer to the black hole. We also see jets eminating apparently from the center.

As we zoom in more, we see the torus rotating. Our view then peers over the torus and we see the central black hole. There is a thin disk of gas between the inner edge of the torus and the black hole. The color of this thin disk changes from blue on its outer edge (nearest the torus) to white at its innermost edge. There is a gap between the innermost edge of this disk and the black hole itself. We also see a jet of material from the black hole. There is both a faint funnel, and an innermost dense stream.

The video clip ends with the torus and inner disk splitting to show us a cutaway view.