Activity: Design an Element Poster Advertisement

Days needed: a week
Grade level: 4 – 8, 9 – 12


Students will discuss what they have learned about atoms and elements in their own words. Students will design a poster advertisement for their chosen element. Students will use more than just their right brain to think about science!!

Science and Math Standards


  • Content Standard 2
    • Mathematics as Communication


  • Content Standard B:
    • Structure of Atoms
    • Interactions of energy and matter
  • Content Standard G
    • Science in personal and social perspectives


Science Students should have read the background information on how atoms emit light energy and have a basic understanding of the elements.


Each element in the Universe has unique properties due to its atomic configuration (the arrangement and numbers of protons, neutrons and electrons it has). In the previous activities, students have learned about how each element has a unique spectral “fingerprint.” In this activity, students will explore in more depth the properties of one particular element, and share their knowledge with the class in the form of a poster advertisement for their element.


The students should be given a week to complete this assignment as either a student-individual or group project. If it is assigned as a group project, some class time will be needed. Give each student a copy of the Student Worksheet which describes the requirements of the project.


Each of the requirements on the Student Worksheet is worth 20 points. The students should present their posters to the class, and for an extra 20 points all students should be encouraged and prepared to conduct some form of a demonstration using the assigned element as either an element or compound.


When the students have completed their element posters, they should be presented to and shared with the class. It might be useful to have the posters on display for a short amount of time, so that students will be able to see each others posters and become familiar with each others elements.


This project is easily adaptable to almost any grade level. Middle school students might concentrate on the basic properties of the element. At all levels, artistic creativity should be encouraged. In addition, with a one or two classes participating, an entire periodic table could be assembled and displayed. When a semi-permanent display is not possible, some teachers have used their school gymnasium or auditorium to lay out all the posters and photograph their students “periodic table.”

Middle school students might also enjoy creating super heroes whose powers are based on one of the elements. For example, “Goldi Ox” (a play on Goldilocks) uses the properties of gold.

Reference URLs

Periodic Table of the Elements