Science in the Media
Session 1: Presentation Tips

When preparing your group presentation, keep the following tips in mind.


  • Use colors that are pleasing and easy on the eyes.
  • Use contrasting colors: for a dark background, use light fonts; for a light background, use dark fonts.


  • Use common fonts – especially if you will show the presentation on a different computer.

Font Size

  • Make sure your font is large enough to read from all ares of the room.
  • Keep text to a minimum – keep it short and sweet.


  • Keep slides attractive and professional. Distracting slides could take away from your content. Avoid too many transitions, animations, and clutter.
  • When making a professional presentation, do not animate a long sentence “by letter.”


  • Less is more.
  • Use visual effects in small doses – if you emphasize everything with animation, you emphasize nothing.
  • Consistency is crucial for formal presentations. Stick with a familiar patterns so you don’t jar your audience.
  • Consider your audience and the tone you want to convey. Save the wackier animation and sound effects for less formal presentations.
  • Experiment with the various effects until you understand what each one does, then use them selectively.

  • Make presentations pleasing and interesting without over-using transitions, sound, and animations.
  • Preview your presentation on the presentation equipment you plan to use.
  • Think of your audience – is this a presentation you’d like to sit through?

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