We just keep moving right along

I thought they wouldn’t extend the optical bench for another week, but they did it today! The spacecraft mechanical engineers said it was “perfect.” But of course!

Juli also sent up a few commands to me to turn on some of my electronics. I heard it loud and clear. So I’m ready whenever they are to look start looking at some objects. (Guess that still won’t be for a while.)

Juli also sent some really cool information about our new name, Suzaku. In the 7th century, the Japanese emperors built capital cities modeled on Chinese cities. This included gates at the North, South, East and West entrances. Each of these gates is guarded by a deity. Suzaku is the guardian of the South gate, and to the Japanese became a leading deity in that time.

Here’s the Japanese for Suzaku:

It’s also the right color red!

In addition, Suzaku governs the southern part of the sky. And I’ll be looking at some really important objects (like the Virgo Galaxy Cluster) in that part of the sky.

Oh, yeh, we made Astronomy Picture of the Day!